About Us

Handsome Devil aims to be a leader in delivering grooming and self-care products for men that deliver solutions that are good for your skin but also for the planet. Designed in Southern California and currently sold nationwide, Handsome Devil Soap empowers people to reduce their environmental footprint through the products they consume. All Handsome Devil products are made without the use of palm oil that contribute to deforestation and climate change. The Handsome Devil brand remains forever inspired by people like you and the planet we live on.

Palm oil or Palm kernel oil is a type of multipurpose vegetable oil and one of the most efficient oil products ever produced. Sodium Laurel Sulfate, is another name for palm oil and is widely used in the soap industry due to it’s low cost and abundance from monocrop farming practices. Global production of palm oil is primarily in the tropical regions where carbon sequestration is higher compared to other regions. The scale of deforestation for Palm oil plantations is also a leading cause of orangutan extinction.
Handsome Devil soap uses a coconut oil based cleaning agent as compared to Sodium laurel sulfate. Coconuts are mostly grown in mixed-use plantations by smaller localized farms that also grow banana, cacao, coffee. Coconut groves are often integrated into the natural landscapes to feel more natural than palm oil plantations. Coconuts can grow almost anywhere even in sand and can produce fruit for several decades. Coconuts are regarded as a renewable resource for this reason. The use of coconut based ingredient’s makes Handsome Devil the best soap for you and for the planet.



We believe it is possible to use our natural resources responsibly. We can make products that are in line with the natural ecosystems of the planet. All the packaging materials used in our product will not stay on the planet for hundreds of years for future generations to deal with. To minimize waste, we avoid the use of single use plastics in our operation. Product is packaged in a plastic free packaging, the retail box and Kraft paper are 100% recyclable. The paper is made from forest certified paper to ensure the paper is sourced from a responsibly managed forest.